Lanzarote, the flying paradise

Seeking a thrilling paragliding escapade?

Explore the wonders of Lanzarote, the enchanting Canary Island renowned for its delightful year-round weather and optimal flying conditions.

Immerse yourself in the island's revitalizing volcanic energy and embark on a memorable paragliding journey amidst a captivating array of landscapes.

Our flights predominantly take place on the windward side, often within a laminar updraft band. However, we also explore the possibility of thermal flying. Altitudes during our flights range from 2 to 1000 meters (AMSL), providing a dynamic and exhilarating experience.


Flying with us

There are approximately 20 different take-off locations available to us in Lanzarote. The choice of a specific site depends on wind/weather conditions and your individual skill level, allowing us to carefully select the most suitable flying area.

We will guide you through various techniques and engage in training sessions tailored to your needs. Emphasis will be placed on essential skills for Lanzarote such as ground handling and proficiency in managing strong wind conditions.

As we venture to the flying area together, we will provide you with comprehensive information about the local conditions, ensuring you are well-prepared and informed for an enjoyable and safe flying experience.

Fly guiding services in Lanzarote with Lanzafly

Fly guide services

Fly guide:

  • Driving together in terrain appropriate to the skill level.
  • Daily current weather and terrain briefings.
  • Flying together, and try the possible routes (XC).
  • Discuss alternative programs for your stay on the island.

Alternatively: Ground handling training appropriate to the wind conditions and skill level. During the groundhandling training we will show you some tricks.

Ground handling basics:

  • Start simulation
  • Weight control/weight shifting
  • Fine handling with A lines
  • Kiting uphill
  • Cobra start
  • Strong wind start
  • Strong wind handling via CD lines
  • Alternative handling via A-C-D brake
  • Assymetrical start

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Michal Michalowicz


I had an incredible experience paragliding in Lanzarote with an outstanding guide Ivan. His expertise and enthusiasm made the adventure unforgettable. Safety measures were top-notch, and the stunning views added an extra thrill. Highly recommend this guide for an exhilarating and memorable paragliding experience!


  • 1 week: 300 EUR/person
  • 1 day: 60 EUR/person
  • Group: special prices (please contact us)
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Fly guiding services in Lanzarote with Lanzafly

Flying around the island

Flying to La Graciosa

Thermaling over Asomada

Risco de Famara


Playa Quemada and Volcanoes

Kite up to Asomada and volcano flight

Playa Quemada after one year

Tenesar, volcanoes, sunsets, beautiful Lanzarote

Ground handling

Tenesar low takeoff fun

El Cuchillo sunset session