Frequently asked questions

About scheduling the flight

I'm only on the island for a few days. Not sure when to book

To make sure we find a good flyable day to match your staying, the sooner you make the reservation the better.

After you make the reservation and we have your availability, we'll contact you with the best options for you.

Don't worry, if we don't have good weather conditions to match your staying, you'll get a full refund.

Where are you located? Where do you fly?
LanzaFly - Tandem paragliding Lanzarote

Our office is in Yaiza (Lanzarote, Las Palmas), but we never fly in the office! 😂

The flying location is chosen every day based on the current weather conditions. Usually, we can anticipate the weather forecast about two days in advance. That's why when you make your reservation, we can only confirm where we will be flying one or two days in advance.

Our usual tandem paragliding flying areas in Lanzarote include: Tenesar, Macher, Teguise, Famara, Mirador del Río, Orzola, Playa Quemada, and El Cuchillo.

They are all different, each with its unique charm, and the wind forecast for the day determines which one we choose.

On which days and at what time do you fly?

Well, it also completely depends on the weather forecast, which varies based on the season and the specific day.

There are days when we can fly (almost every day) and days when we cannot (only a few days a year). Some days are better for morning flights, while others can only happen in the late afternoon. We can usually know if we will be flying, when, and where about 2-4 days in advance.

If you are visiting the island for a few days, it's best to let us know the duration of your stay so we can fit the best flying conditions for you.

I don't have a car. Can you pick me up?

We do not offer transportation or hotel pickup services, but if our schedule allows, we can make occasional exceptions. Please let us know if you need transportation when making the reservation, and we will try to assist you.

How is the flight day organized, and what do I need to do after making the reservation?

Once we have your reservation for a specific day, the adventure begins.

Our team will find the best flying area and schedule based on the day's weather forecast, and we will notify you with at least 24 hours notice about the location and takeoff time. Please arrive on time so the flight program can proceed smoothly.

Once we have the schedule and flying area, you only need to travel to the takeoff site (we will send you directions on how to get there), bringing hiking or sports shoes, sunglasses, suitable clothing for the season, and a jacket or windbreaker to stay warm up there.

Please note that being an outdoor activity dependent on daily weather conditions, we need some flexibility in schedules and locations to ensure you receive the best experience.

What if the activity has to be canceled due to weather conditions?

If the activity cannot take place on the scheduled day (it happens sometimes!), we will look for another nearby day to carry it out.

If you have to leave the island and the activity couldn't be conducted before you leave (unlikely, but we can't control the wind!), we will refund the full amount you paid.

In which seasons of the year can tandem paragliding be done in Lanzarote?

We are lucky in Lanzarote as we can fly all year round in paragliding, except for a few and rare days when it rains or the wind is too strong.

¿Do you fly with children?

Yes!! and this is how much they love it!

The minimum age is 3 years old and they must weigh a minimum of 15kg.

About the Flight Itself

How does a tandem paragliding flight work?
How does a tandem paragliding flight work?

A tandem flight is a type of flight that allows a person who wants to experience paragliding to do so without any previous experience, accompanied by a professional and qualified instructor.

It does not require any preparation or prior knowledge from the passenger. Let your dreams come true and live an unforgettable experience!

To fly, the pilot prepares the paraglider and the passenger and ensures that all safety systems are in perfect order. Then, they take two or three steps forward on a hillside... and glide above volcanoes, fields, and over the sea, free as a bird, using only the air currents to ascend and stay in the air!!!

What is the age limit for flying in tandem paragliding as a passenger?

There is no age limit, but children must have parental permission.

The minimum age for kids is 3 years old and they must weigh a minimum of 15kg.

Do I have to take any courses or training before the flight?

No, you just need to come with a desire to have fun and preferably wear the clothing described in the "What to Wear" section.

What is the weight limit for the passenger?

Paragliding is an aircraft that primarily depends on weight. Therefore, we are limited to offering the experience to passengers weighing between 20 and 120 kg.

About the Passenger's Health

It is important for your own safety to inform us of possible circulatory problems, pregnancy, dizziness, or other issues.

What should I bring / wear?

We recommend wearing hiking or sports shoes (please don't come with your flip flops!), long pants and appropriate seasonal clothing. Don't forget a jacket! It's colder up there!

What photos and videos are included? What's the cost? What is their quality? How are they delivered to me?

Our pilots use latest generation GoPro cameras to provide you with the original camera files with the best possible quality.

Photos and videos are 20EUR/person

The pilot usually records a video and takes several photos of the most beautiful parts of the flight.

The files are delivered in original format through a download link. This download link is usually sent up to 24 hours after the flight.

About Gift Cards (Vouchers)

I have been given a flight as a gift, what do I need to do?

Well, first of all, thank you! Someone appreciates you a lot! 😊

The next step is to read this page to clarify your doubts, and then contact us to schedule your adventure!

Remember that the gift card is valid for one year, don't let it expire!

More questions? Contact us on whatsapp. We'll get back to you as soon as we land! Whatsapp